Hebrew or the So-Called Negro "Feature Film #1

Shalom Shalom, The purpose of the DVD "Hebrew or So-Called Negro" is to educate, alert, and motivate the children of Yahweh to see and perceive, to hear and understand, and then apply His most powerful and redeeming word for the Awakening of The True Hebrew Israelites. The soul of the so-called Negro lays buried in the grave of ignorance, disobedience, and shame. The So-called Leaders of the So-Called are void of the truth of Yahweh's word. The reason for our ignorance is because WE as a people have unknowingly embraced a Religion that was birthed from the heart of Satan and we must C.O.F.A.H and no longer embrace the doctrines of Devils. This DVD will show with all evidence, the so called Negro's are the true lost children of Israel spoken of in the bible.

Hebrew or the So-Called Negro "Feature Film #1
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