"The DEATH of the EAGLE and the BIRTH of a MAN"

"The Death of the Eagle and the Birth of a Man"

Is the detailed history of YHWH's creation, and the last 400 Years of the Hebrew Ysralite's Slavery, Bondage, Captivity throughout the Four Corners of the Earth and to the rise of the Man of Sin! 

The film explores YHWH's meticulous creation of Man and Satan's wicked attempts within the last 400 years to corrupt YHWH's creation by using slave ships, auction houses, plantations, intermingling of the seeds, revolutionary war, classified 3/5th Man, Black codes, Civil war, Jim Crow, civil rights, LBJ's Great Society, Jews trampling down Holy Yerusalem!

The 10 Kings have come and the ten kings have gone! Now, "The One after the Ten is here" and the 400 years of True Ysrayl's captivity is just about over!

Shalom and enjoy the film,

Yahya Bandele

"The DEATH of the EAGLE and the BIRTH of a MAN"
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