Your Fathers have taught you LIES! "Feature Film #4"

This film will shed TRUTH on the LIES that have been taught by the fallen ones themselves through the sorcery of science, the distortion of history, and the false doctrines of religion. These LIES have been promoted through wars, justified by rulers, and maintained by theft! My film crew and I have traveled throughout North America, Asia, and Europe and throughout the so-called Middle East to tell you that your FATHERS have taught you LIES! Those who have enslaved colonized, and stolen people, lands, and treasure, have systematically corrupted the whole world into embracing the doctrines of devils. This documentary will reveal the hidden, expose the evil, and unearth the LIES that have been embraced for over Two Thousand years from King Nebuchadnezzar to President George Walker Bush. These kings have cleared the path for the spirit of the fallen one himself to sit in the World seat of Power, and inhabit a vessel of Iron and Clay. Peace, Yahya Bandele

Your Fathers have taught you LIES! "Feature Film #4"
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